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Our research-based innovation empower you to make data-driven packaging and supply chain decisions that drive value for your business and the planet. Our system helps you to visualize and obtain sustainable and climate effective packaging in supply chains. It minimizes – all at once:

Packaging material impact

Product damage

Transport impact

About Us

Advanced Packaging Management Services For Climate And Cost Effectiveness

We provide services and system support for businesses to manage packaging with minimal climate and cost impacts. We develop advanced system support and offers expertise to visualize, explore, predict and improve the climate and cost effectiveness of packaging.

  • Cutting-Edge Expertise
  • Web-based System
  • Sustainable Packaging Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Packaging Innovation
  • Mitigate And Report Sustainability Goals
What we do

Make You Effective

To reduce environmental impact, comply with regulation, and satisfy consumer preferences, companies need to scale-up packaging innovation. We help you to:

  1. Speed up the decision process: The key to accelerate packaging innovation comes from enabling faster decision making within the organization.
  2. Simplify the decision-making process: Packaging trade-offs can overtake the ability to make decisions because they’re highly dynamic, context dependent, and subject to rapid change. Providing relevant information and analytics are the fastest way to get the right work done.
  3. Stay on target: Shift the focus to what the business value actually is, rather than sub-tasks that don’t drive any significant outcome.

We harness all packaging-specific supply chain data into the machinery of our technology that builds on five elements – visualize, explore, predict, report, strategy – to meet the demand for sustainable and cost-effective packaging.

Our Services

Unleash Your Packaging And Supply Chain Power

We empower you to make data-driven packaging and supply chain decisions that drive value for your business and the planet.


Our advanced analytics and visualization dashboard enable you to gain insights into your packaging and supply chain data in real-time.


Identify and explore opportunities for improvement that can enhance sustainability, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.


With advanced analytics capabilities, such as predictive modeling and machine learning, we help you to foresee future outcomes.


Provides clear, concise, and timely summaries of relevant data, saving time and effort in communicating key insights to stakeholders.


Combine technology with strategy to enable new innovation processes, sustainable and circular packaging solutions – and drive business growth.

Henrik Pålsson, Founder, CEO

Daniel Hellström, Founder,
Chairman of the board

Diogo Figueirinhas, CTO


Who We Are

The company was founded by Henrik Pålsson, professor in packaging logistics, and Daniel Hellström, docent in packaging logistics. Both founders have carried out research at Lund University for about 20 years. The company is based on their expertise and an innovative web-based system for climate and cost effective packaging, which they have developed for several years.

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Transform your packaging ecosystem and achieve measurable improvements in sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency.

Unleash Your Packaging And Supply Chain Power

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